We are a European based textile solution provider that has been manufacturing and distributing clothing to the garment industry since 2005.

Since 2005, we have been working together with you - from the sketch to the ready made garment, always delivering on time.


We started by producing promotional wearable. From there, we branched to sportswear for professionals as well as to custom made work wear. Catering to client’s specific needs led us to creating an excellent choice of cotton and PES fabrics and various quality printing techniques.

Today, we proudly cooperate with over 2,000 races, events and clubs all over the World, and with some of the biggest brands.

Why work with us

Everything is madein Europe, andwe are practicallyaround the corner. We strive forperfection. This iswhy we pay equalattention to smalland big batches.You can come tovisit us any time,inspect ourfacilities and checkthe status of yourproduct.We have over 15years of experienceand numeroussatisfied customers.One of our secrets?We understand theimportance of thequality productdelivered on time. Our know-how includesnot only detailed knowledgeabout the textile productionbut the understanding ofthe trends and the futureof the business. It is evenlikely that we speak yourlanguage.We share values withour customers. We promotewomen, we pay overtimeand we invest in thewell-being of our teammembers. By workingwith us you will decreaseyour carbon footprint andlikely support the growthof the local economy.


FUSH˚ has adopted a robust policy with regard to the following minimum social responsibility criteria:

No use ofchild labourPayment of living wageNo use offorced labourFreedom of associationand the right tocollective bargainingSafe andhealthy workingconditionsNo discriminationagainst employeesLegal labourcontractsNo excessivehours of work

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