Completely customized and personalized textile solutions from the initial design concept to the finished garment We guarantee the same printing quality for all products.


We offer a full service approach to our clients – they don’t need to know anything about the materials, its purchase and the process of selection – we take care of it all. We go through each detail regarding our client’s order – when it comes to zippers, material colors, thickness, print, embroidery, etc, our team watches over everything that leads to the finished product.

The process

Our process begins when we receive a photograph, a sketch, prepress or similar after which our design team gives suggestions on which material would fit best, if the client did not give any specifics already. We present all of the reasons for the suggested material and why one is better than another, which printing technique would create the wanted impression and then move on to the production of the first sample. After the sample is approved, we begin the production phase, which is monitored 24/7 and ends with the delivery and a satisfied client.


We manufacture all type of fabrics to meet the demand of the industry having advanced mechanism and well experienced and qualified team.

First Sample

We insist on the first sample, as the final result once sewed can differ from the first sketch. After the client sees the first sample we make the desired corrections and move on to the production phase.

Mass Production

When the sample is approved it is time for the bulk production – we confirm the project and go into the production, while we monitor the process each second and make sure that the order follows the sample client approved.


We fully control the delivery process as this is an important issue in terms of delivering on time and many law and custom regulations we take care of. Once the bulk production is finished our client just waits for the order to get to the specified address.

The benefits

High qualitymaterialsHigh endproductionSuperbcustomerservice SkilledworkersOrderquantitiesQualitycontrolEmbroideryShipping


FUSH˚ has adopted a robust policy with regard to the following minimum social responsibility criteria:

No use ofchild labourPayment of living wageNo use offorced labourFreedom of associationand the right tocollective bargainingSafe andhealthy workingconditionsNo discriminationagainst employeesLegal labourcontractsNo excessivehours of work

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